Cathy’s Little Free Libraries

Cathy’s Little Free Lending Libraries:Established in 2019 Cathy’s Little Free Lending Libraries, providing a space for community members to access books freely. This initiative promotes literacy and encourages a culture of reading in a book scarcity.

Cathy’s Little Free Libraries are a tribute to the memory of Cathy Sanchez-Canez, a beloved special education teacher from the Globe/Miami area who dedicated over half of her life to education, making a profound impact on her students and the broader community.

Cathy embodied the spirit of selfless giving, a quality often found in educators. She regularly purchased art supplies for underprivileged students and provided calculators to those who needed extra assistance. Cathy’s generosity extended far beyond the classroom as she initiated the “adopt-a-student” program during the holidays, ensuring that students and their families in need received dinner, clothing, blankets, toiletries, and gifts.

Beyond her role as an exceptional teacher, Cathy was also a dear friend to many. We shared our formative years, attended the same schools, engaged in the same sports, laughed together, and offered each other support through life’s challenges. I was fortunate to enjoy 45 years of friendship with her.

Sadly,  almost 5 years (2019) ago Cathy’s life was tragically cut short by an unexpected summer flood. In the blink of an eye, she was taken from us. In her memory, her family and friends have made it their mission to continue her legacy of kindness and community support.

Cathy’s Foundation is happy to support the spirit of learning and sharing by adding another one of Cathy’s Little FREE Libraries into the community.  We hope that its presence serves as a reminder that even in the tiniest corners, knowledge flourishes and culture thrives. 

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