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One person or project can revitalize a community. We love to support dynamic, capable, and committed individuals who launch initiatives that inspire positive change.

Our Story

During the pandemic, Thea Wilshire had a middle-of-the-night "ah-ha" moment, realizing art could counter the hopelessness that was running rampant in her community. She asked others to join her to inject hope through public art. Regina Ortega-Leonardi quickly went from volunteer to co-leader, and “I Art Globe” was launched. Their efforts sparked excitement and optimism while encouraging local artists to pursue their aspirations. By the end of the first year, the original goal of 12 projects in 12 months had been surpassed by more than triple through embracing the power of small changes and capitalizing on low-hanging fruit. Their goal was accomplished as the installations and events of I Art Globe inspired hope in their neighbors, friends, and families.  Buoyed by their success, Thea and Regina then envisioned larger aspirations for their community, creating unique initiatives embracing placemaking along the Copper Corridor. Knowing the power of emotional connection to place, they wanted to make livable spaces and transform them into lovable places. This new effort was called Love Where You Live (LWYL). With new actions taking place every month, they continue to commit to achieving concrete results, walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. With Thea and Regina, it’s all about getting things done and lifting others up. And the best news is that they are Just. Getting. Started!

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About Us

Woman posing next to wall art

Thea Wilshire

                                               Executive Director

An unstoppable force of good...

Thea Wilshire leaves indelible, positive, hope-filled marks wherever she goes!  From writing books to helping people as a psychologist, from giving program advice as a consultant to educating others, from inspiring crowds as a speaker to leading her community, from creating public spaces to encouraging more dog-friendly places, This Executive Director is the ultimate multitasker on a mission to make the world a better place, one space at a time.

 The creative mastermind ...

Regina Ortega-Leonardi brings her artistic flair, strategic skills, and social giftedness to the Love Where You Live table. She produces eye-catching campaigns, promotes programs, coordinates with artists, and implements projects. She makes every volunteer feel valued. With her background in arts administration, event coordination, and social media expertise, she amplifies Love Where You Live’s community-focused mission. Her recent appointment by the governor to the Arizona Commission for the Arts is a boon to the state as she promotes art opportunities in rural communities. Additionally, her background as a busy soccer mom and female entrepreneur makes LWYL more potent in effecting positive regional change.


                               Regina Ortega-Leonardi

Creative Services Director

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