I Art Globe: An initiative changing the way we perceive community.

How do we combat the physical, emotional, financial, and educational challenges that have hit our community because of the COVID-19 pandemic? We use the power of art.

Stairizona Trail

To compensate for the temporary loss of access to trails in the national forest and the Old Dominion Historic Mining Park, volunteers with I Art Globe (IAG) proposed a creative solution: an art-filled urban trail good for the body and the soul. Several routes were discussed before landing on a trail that features the hidden concrete staircases spread throughout the neighborhoods surrounding the historic downtown.  

Hidden Gila Monsters

Globe is the county seat for Gila County.  Celebrating this honor, we would like to add whimsical painted Gila monsters associated with various downtown businesses to storefronts.  Discovering these small embellishments is meant to be a serendipity and could become a game where people look for the hidden or small art work.  


I Art Globe also proposed the idea of interactive murals, and then supported Mayor Gameros as he organized the 11 Instagram mini-murals downtown. I Art Globe supported the VFW and Globe High School in painting the VFW crosswalk, worked with the Gila County Historical Society to create a colorful eight-panel timeline for Globe, and helped sponsor Nate Rector’s “Voice of Globe” singing contest - which has morphed into a regular First Friday karaoke event. 



Nature & Art

This program inspires young minds to explore the beauty of the natural world while nurturing their creativity. Through artistic expression, children not only learn about the environment but also develop a deep connection to it. Join us in fostering a generation of nature enthusiasts and budding artists!