Cathy Sanchez-Canez Memorial Foundation

For Cathy Sanchez-Canez, a dedicated special education teacher, who left a lasting community impact.

Cathy's Little Free Libraries

Established in 2019 Cathy’s Little Free Lending Libraries, providing a space for community members to access books freely. This initiative promotes literacy and encourages a culture of reading in a book scarcity.

Globe Trash Mob

Community "Trash Mob" Clean-Ups: The Cathy Sanches-Canez  Memorial Foundation, an initiative under the LWYL Umbrella, for 5 years has led and organized 100 volunteers in  community "Trash Mob" clean-up events, encouraging environmental responsibility and collective community action.  Their motto is “a clean watershed is a safe watershed”  and they steward the areas from the Tonto National Forest to the Salt River.  The meet ups are every second Saturday and will target areas in Globe, Miami, San Carlos Apache Reservation and the USFS Tonto National Forest.