Fostering Hope, Resilience, and Happiness

What we do differently is encourage an extraordinary sense of hope, unwavering resilience, and long-term contentment in life.


I Art Globe 

As you explore the Globe area, you'll notice murals that burst with color and joy along Broad Street. These art installations are part of a local community-driven public art blitz.

Cathy Sanchez-Cañez Memorial Foundation

The Cathy Sanchez-Cañez Memorial Foundation is a vital part of Love Where You Live, working tirelessly to improve the lives of Globe residents and the surrounding communities. This foundation has been instrumental in supporting rural teachers and promoting literacy by placing free libraries throughout the area. In addition, they organize monthly clean-up events to help keep the place where they work, clean and healthy. Cathy Sanchez-Cañez, a special education teacher, is fondly remembered for dedicating her life to education and significantly impacting her students and the community.



Dogtoberfest is a  biannual celebration of all things dog and is typically held in October at the Globe Dog Park.

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